This site provides information, resources, and help with civil and criminal sections of the court system. This site is a FREE access point to connect people with legal information and services they may need. Some of the services that are available are listed below:
Bail Bonds Services – Provided to find bail when someone has been arrested.
Legal Exhibits – Provided to find the graphs, charts, animation and videos you use to win your case.
Private Detective Services – Provided to explain the benefits of having a private detective on your side, along with connecting people with private detectives.
Expert Witness – Qualified people in many fields give testimonial on their experience in certain scenarios to give factual information on their experience regarding their specialty.
Deposition Services – Provided legal professionals to document your case with videography, Transcriptions, and Stenographers.
Process Servers – Provided to locate a process service to properly execute the delivery of the divorce documents, summons, or civil legal papers.
Drunk Driving Services – This page is resource links to help provide you with, loan issues, insurance problems, counseling services and driving schools to help better your DUI situation.
Legal Documents – Look up a person’s information on marriage licenses, birth and death records, tax and property information and etc.
Intellectual Property Services – Provided to find a lawyer that handles infringement law to advise you on your copyright, trademark, patent or trade secret.
Trial Consultation – Get a consultation to determine a strategy to settle your case out of court or wether to have a jury trial.
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