Missouri Violent Crime Support Unit

The Violent Crime Support Unit (VCSU) can provide an agency with on-site civilian crime analysts during the first three days of the investigation of a serious violent crime. VCSU services should be requested as soon as possible (within four hours) after discovery of the crime or upon activation of the Major Case Squad. The Major Case Squad as well as any local, municipal, county, or state criminal justice agency may request our services. The Crime Analyst will:

1. Enter reports and leads into a case management system.

2. Track leads that have been completed, unassigned or assigned and pending.

3. Provide analytical services such as link charts, flow charts, time lines, case progress visuals, and/or courtroom graphics.

4. Provide the appropriate case agent, commanding officer, prosecuting attorney, or administrative officer with completed typed reports.

5. Search leads and reports, including narratives, for commonalities as requested.

6. Process requests for information.