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Has your loved one been arrested and is in dire need of a bail bond to be released from jail while awaiting trial? You will need the assistance of a bail bondsman so your loved one can get out of jail. Depending on the offense, bail bonds are set at different levels. For example, most bonds require 10 percent of the set bail, federal bonds require 15 percent of the set bail, and immigration bonds incur special charges because of the added flight risk.

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A bail bond is the first step in any legal case. The main objective is to get the accused person out of jail until his/her trial. This will, not only serve to release the accused from jail, but help the individual prepare for his/her case, contact an attorney, collect evidence, and tie up any lose ends before the case goes to trial.

Bail and bond laws vary from state to state, but generally, a person is entitled to be released on bail as long as they have been arrested and/or charged with a non-capital crime. Bail bond agents have exclusive and special access to services in local courts, city jails and police substations, which makes the process of securing the release of your loved one quick and easy. Bail bondsmen can, in most cases, secure the release of an accused individual within a matter of a few hours.