Tax Law

One important and unavoidable aspect of our financially driven society is taxes and abiding by the tax law that govern our income, possessions, assets and revenue. Being knowledgeable and well informed of the ever-changing tax laws is important. This involves all types of taxes, such as income tax, property tax, sales tax, and more. For all aspects of tax, there are laws that govern and dictate them and we must be aware of any changes. This certainly true during that time of year when it is time to file our taxes. Within the United States, primary tax issues would include taxes on capital gains, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, income, retirement accounts, gifts, estates, or taxes on certain investment types or products.

When it comes to the tax law, a number of different issues and problems can arise, especially without the help of a professional, such as attorneys or accountants who are used to dealing with tax laws. Some of the many aspects of the tax law that can be complicated or disconcerting to deal with alone or without the help of a professional can include such things as: Form 940, 1099’s, audits, amnesty, delinquent returns, appeals, itemized taxes, penalties, seizures, criminal investigations, un-filed returns, Form 941, delinquency, IRS investigations, levies, assessments, IRS notices, liens, business taxes, tax deficiencies, innocent spouse relief, interest, asset forfeiture, wage garnishment, offer in compromise, installment agreements, collection freeze, employment taxes, unpaid taxes, bankruptcy, marriage, divorce, and taxpayer assistance.

Tax attorneys are well-informed and have the expertise to defend and protect you from the IRS and their actions when it comes to taxes and the laws that govern them. They have the training, experience, education and knowledge that is essential in helping you regarding your taxes, even if it involves going to court or going before the IRS. Dealing with the laws that govern the federal tax code can be complex and hard to keep up with. Also, the tax laws are changed every year by congress so the tax laws are never the same. Changes are also made by the IRS when it comes to how these rules and laws are implemented and enforced.

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