Traffic Violation

Almost everyone in their lifetime will, at one point, receive a traffic violation citation. Even if the traffic violation is a mild offense, it can still result in costly fees, insurance hikes, and wasted time on your part. Overall, a traffic ticket usually results in a nuisance and major hassle. Not only does a traffic violation come with a required fee, it can also result in points on your license. Points can cause insurance rates to sky rocket – and an accumulation of points can result in suspension or revocation of your license. Having a traffic violation professional, such as a lawyer, fight your ticket in court is the best way to avoid these issues.In general, a traffic violation will fall under one of two categories – major or minor. Examples of minor traffic violations include running a red light, running through a stop sign, or speeding. Examples of major traffic violations include reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Even the most minor of traffic offenses carries with it some type of consequence. In most situations, a traffic ticket is issued, but in more serious situations such as drunk driving, the offender is arrested.

Most of time when a ticket is issued for a traffic violation, people choose not to fight the ticket in court or even to have an attorney represent them because they feel it is all too much of a hassle and they would rather just pay the fine and get it over with.

However, keep in mind that simply paying the ticket is like admitting you are guilty to the offense. Even if you knew you were driving a little over the speed limit or ran that stop sign, it is still not something you want to admit guilt to. This is when the points come are assessed, which will affect your license and driving record, insurance rates, and even your job if it involves operating any type of motor vehicle.

It is even more crucial to have legal representation if your traffic violation resulted in your arrest. A qualified lawyer can help to reduce or even eliminate any punishment you may receive for your traffic violation. Being convicted of a DUI, for example, can result in a world of troubles: community service, large and hefty fines, license revocation and even jail time. In general, traffic violations can be a hardship on any individual, but keep in mind that there are lawyers out there who can help and it is not something you should face on your own, no matter how minor it may seem.

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