Workers Compensation

For the many millions who enter the workforce to provide for our loved ones and selves, the unimaginable consequences would endure in the event they became injured or sick due to their occupation is a scary thought. However, the truth is that this is not an imaginary situation, but a reality for thousands of workers. Every year, millions of workers receiving non-fatal injuries and illnesses are reported in the private industry. In these situations, workers compensation laws guarantee the injured employee to temporary or permanent monetary awards. Nonetheless, many employers attempt to disregard the compensation laws. Some employers may even deny or issue inadequate reimbursement to their injured or ill employee. This is illegal and unethical. If you were injured, or developed an illness due to your work environment, you are lawfully entitled to workers compensation.

Workers compensation can provide injured workers with many benefits including compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and in some cases, vocational rehabilitation. The amount a person is awarded for their work injury is dependant on the extent of the injury. If a worker’s injury was only temporary, he or she will receive a percentage of their average wage up to a fixed amount. In the event that a person is permanently unable to perform their work due to a job related injury, the individual can receive either a long-term or a lump sum payment. The payment amounts will vary and are dependent on the agreements made between the employee and employer.

According to workers compensation laws, employees do not have to be injured at their workplace to qualify for workers compensation. As long as the injury sustained by the employee is due to a job-related activity, regardless of whether or not it was at the physical location of the workplace, employees will still be covered by the law. If an individual was injured doing a work-related errand, they are entitled to workers compensation.

Workers compensation laws can be quite immense and hard to comprehend for the average person. For this reason, retaining an attorney that specifically deals with workers compensation is needed. If you were injured while performing a work-related injury, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.

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